Why has my concrete fallen? 

At Superior Mudjacking, we know concrete can settle for many reasons. Most commonly, the backfilled soil around your foundation will compact and settle, which creates voids underneath your concrete. This allows the concrete to fall which results in cracks and separation.

Will there be holes in my concrete?

In order to correctly mudjack any slab, we will have to drill a series of 1-3/4 inch holes in your concrete. These holes are patched with high strength concrete mix. While the new concrete will stand out at first, after aging, the holes are almost unnoticeable.

Has erosion caused my concrete to fall?

Water drainage around your home can cause issues with your concrete. Gutter downspouts and poor drainage can route water directly underneath your concrete which can may erode material away, and create voids.

I have bricks/pavers, can those be mudjacked?

If those bricks or pavers were placed on top of an existing concrete slab we can mudjack that slab. We have many techniques we can use to match the color of your bricks/pavers when patching the holes drilled for mudjacking.